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Understanding how images work, be they photographs via social media, advertising, consumer branding, Giffs, Memes, general screen time and YouTube viewing to name just a few is vitally important today.  Our youth and children are in the front row seats of this visual information overload show. The digital age is well and truly here and the best way forward is through broader, deeper and comprehensive education programs in the field of visual literacy.

The visual image is a powerful form of communication - always has been.  But today we are now exposed to such a vast amount it can be hard to keep up and provide our younger generations with the tools to safely navigate the visual Tsunami they find themselves in today.

The more of us that get involved, talk, educate and discuss how images impact our cultural behaviours, narratives and our communities the more we can give our children the ability to discern the visual content they see.

Promoting Visual Literacy

Here are some ways you can help:

Support a school or youth group to take part in a Big Picture project.

Promote positive imagery

Help promote and setup a Big Picture educational presentation at your school, youth group, community organisation or business

Become a Big Picture member.

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