School programs for student, parents and staff

Big Picture provides school presentations and workshops for staff, parents and students that brings over 25 years of knowledge about the nature and language of visual imagery and how it effects our emotions and culturally narratives for better and for worse.

Each presentation is designed for each school, group and organisation.  We are all unique after all.

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Pictures are Powerful

We are using more images/pictures/video to communicate than in any other time in history. Our programs explore the history, psychology and effects pictures have on our children's lives today. We have given nearly every child/teenager a camera, but very little in visual education.

Disability with the ability to

share your story

A major part of a Big Picture program is giving different members of our community a voice.  The picture can be a simple and powerful way of sharing your story.

We have worked with different disability groups and organisations to create visual (photographic and video) exhibitions, both live and digitally.

The ability for someone to have access to and a means of producing and sharing a personal narrative has a profound and positive effect on a persons life. We believe a picture can do this.


Big Picture Exhibitions

Big Picture produce large and small scale exhibitions of pictures, video and visual instillation's for community organisations and city councils.

Our photographic exhibitions work with the local community to create strong and engaging imagery that reflect our cities, towns and communities.


By giving our communities a (visual) voice and the ability to capture and share their unique narratives we foster a sense of understanding and optimism.