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Big Picture Industries works with state schools, private schools, youth groups and also home schooling groups.  Simply put, Big Picture believes all children benefit from a comprehensive education and foundation in visual literacy.  We explore, visual narratives, visual grammar, composition, lighting, visual content and even the philosophy and history of all forms of visual/photographic/cinemagraphic imagery.  

More than just


We use and share the photographic image as much if not more than words now. 

Understanding and utilising the skills of visual imagery is vital for all children today so they can navigate the highly visually driven world we all now live in.

Pictures are a language and it pays to be literate

Our educational programs help students to explore and understand the complex nature and grammar of visual imagery.  Digital photographs and video content are the primary language of the 21st century.  Today we communicate with visual imagery more now than at any other time in history.  The better our children and youth understand, produce and share visual imagery, the better they will be able to discern the vast amount of visual data they will see in their life times.

We run classes from our community studio in, Nerang, on Wednesday and Fridays.  Contact us to find out more about our Home School programs in visual literacy and comprehension. 

Developing deeper understanding of the 'grammar' and impact of how our children use, relate and share images today it vitally important and will develop their creative intelligence and comprehension.

This is an example of a home school project where the children explored and produced a short documentary sharing their own personal narrative.

They learnt about photography, video, narrative/story structures, post production. Education needs to engage - we achieve this.

Learning about our complex visual language begins early on in a Big Picture project.  All the images in this short video are captured by the kids.  Not only are they highly engaged, but they are learning about how images show emotions, inspire us and convey narratives.

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