Education In Visual Literacy

Big Picture provides engaging and dynamic educations programs for schools, youth, community groups and progressive businesses

At Big Picture Industries we promote and advocate for broader and more comprehensive understanding of visual literacy for young people, but also for dynamic and progressive  businesses and community organisations with a young teams or simply a desire to learn more about the photographic image and how it impacts ourselves, others and the deeper psychology of how images work and are used by advertising, marketeers and ultimately by ourselves.

A Big Picture educational program working with Keebra Park High School's visiting overseas students.

Photography has always been an international language.

We were getting our 'too cool for school' faces on.

The Visual Image has become one of the primary sources for communication in the 21st century.  Technology and our digital landscapes are driven by the image, be that photographic or video.  Our visual attention is sought after at all costs from numerous vested interests. That is why we advocate and promote the need for higher levels of visual literacy and comprehension for all youth and children today to keep pace with our evolving online and visual communication landscapes.

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