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At the very heart of every Big Picture project is 'how we see the world' around us.  The visual image has always and continues to play an enormous roll that drives our narratives and influences our collective cultures.

Most of today's purveyors of the visual image are advertisers and marketeers who via for our 'eyes' and attention.

Big Picture believes it's vitally important we create a balance and this is done through education, community projects and collaborations with industry to provide visual narratives that share and convey our unique stories.

Big Picture projects are about engaging students. Actively participate and learn about the dynamics, fun and potentials of creating visual imagery.


This video created by students at Coomera Anglican College shows the epic Big Picture project to create amazing, colourful pictures - if thats's not full engagement, then what is?

Big Picture Industries have worked with several leading Australian Universities exploring visual literacy and youth engagement and emotions in highly visual social media platforms.

The Selfie project was a successful collaboration between the Australian Catholic University, Australian Research Council and Big Picture Industries researching multi modal communication in school aged children in SE Queensland

Big Picture Industries have worked with local communities, festivals and city councils to deliver engaging photographic installations that support and enhance community groups being able to share there stories and narratives.


Pictures of the people, by the people, for the people.  By sharing our different narratives we can better understand our different perspectives

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