Big Picture Industries is a not-for-profit organisation which advocates, promotes and facilitates programs that harness and develop creative intelligence in schools, youth groups and progressive businesses. Our education programs utilise creative digital media, from photographic stills, short video productions to graphic design to promote the further development of a young persons creative intelligence.

Big Picture Industries recognises that education in the 21st century has evolved beyond traditional manufacturing based learning and into a creative based system that better reflects the digital environments that young people will encounter today.

Mark Williamson


Mark began his career after graduating from Sir John Cass College of Art, London, specialising in graphic design and professional photography.  Working with a leading creative advertising agency in Chelsea for part of the year and then taking on overseas assignments in Africa, the America's and Asia photographing wildlife and culture for various media outlets.

This led to a new adventure to move to Australia, where he became more involved in education in the field of visual literacy and comprehension. He set up Big Picture Industries in 2011 to provide education and support to schools and youth groups to better understand the nature and impact mass imagery can have on young people both positive and negative.

Sarah Gibson


Sarah-Jayne Gibson is a married mother of two from Queensland's Gold Coast. She has studied business, communication & photo-imaging at Diploma level and has spent the past 20 years capturing a broad spectrum of photographic genres across several continents.


From the wilds of Africa to the slums of Cambodia or the remote beaches of the Fijian islands, Sarah-Jayne has captured some amazing and sometimes confronting images. Her passion to see others, especially our youth, embrace and enjoy positive image making is a major inspiration for her work with Big Picture.

When we can learn, we can discern.

Our Mission


Our mission at Big Picture Industries is that every child and school aged student  receives an in-depth and comprehensive education in visual literacy.


Images drive and reflect our collective narratives and today every young person has become both a photographer and publisher and our mission is to make sure they fully understand the language of imagery and the powerful effects it has over our emotions.

Our Aim

Our aim is to engage our younger generations to actively learn, participate and promote visual literacy.  We learn by doing.  We want visual literacy to stand along side English literacy in terms of importance.  Our social media and internet streaming platforms are driven by advertising and marketing and their most powerful tool over us is the visual image.  


Now that we all carry our  mobile device on our persons at all times, education about the powerful effects imagery has over our emotions and the effects that can have on our well being is vitally important. So our aim is a visual literate youth who are better able to discern the vast amount of visual data they are exposed to today and into the future.

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