Developing Creative Intelligence

Big Picture Projects

Big Picture has worked on research projects with Flinders University, South Australia, Queensland University of Technology and the Australian Catholic University.

Our projects are both large and small in scale, from city festivals to community youth groups.

At the heart of every Big Picture project is the visual image - the human visual narratives that reflect and shine a light on our communities and especially our youth.

Education in

Visual Literacy

Big Picture advocates a deeper and broader education policies and programs for all schools and youth today.

As our means of communication rapidly evolves, so too does our need for a more comprehensive approach to photography, social media and screen time.  We call this visual literacy.

Just as we require English literacy, students now also need a sound education in visual literacy and comprehension.

School Programs

Our programs are developed for schools, home schools and youth organisations. We also provide education presentations for parents and school staff.

We provide large and small presentations that explore and discuss the evolving nature of digital photography and the effects that it can have on our youth today.  We advocate and promote further education in visual literacy (aka photography) so that our current generation can better discern the vast quantity of visual data they are now exposed to.

The power of education is the light switch in a 

dark room.  Once illuminated we are less

likely to bump into the furniture...

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Developing Creative Intelligence

As we hurtle into the digital age the skills and knowledge that our youth require today are evolving at a rapid pace.  We believe that one key component required is further education opportunities in creative intelligence that will provide them with the tools to navigate this evolving communications landscape.

For us at Big Picture Industries the most accessible creative visual tool is the digital image.  Today nearly every child and teenager carries an amazing tool, the Smartphone, which is both a camera and a video with the power to publish in a split second.  But without constructive education this powerful tool can equally cause emotional distress and anxiety. Peer reviewed research  to this effect is mounting daily.

Big Picture Community Exhibitions

(formerly MyView Community)

We create and produce exhibitions that show case different community groups, organisations and businesses.  At the heart of every project is the aim to empower people to share their stories from their perspective to the broader community.

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